What is Mailroom?

Mailroom is a HipChat integration used to send emails, newsletters, and simple system notifications to HipChat rooms.

How do I install it?

See the big blue 'Install' button at the top of this page? Click it!

Is this a supported offering?

As an Atlassian Labs project, we can't yet offer official support for Mailroom, but we do our best to keep it working smoothly as we use it internally. Mailroom is open source, and we welcome the submission of issues, feature requests, and will gladly review pull requests. Of course, you're always free to fork and host your own instance of Mailroom if you need additional features, wish to ensure your own quality of service, or need to set a custom email retention duration or rate limit.

Oh-oh, I forgot my room's email address!

No problem! Just type '/mailroom' in your HipChat room and it will tell you that room's email address.

Hmmm, these room addresses are kind of long...

We use randomly generated ids to help protect your room's address from being guessed by spammers. We also append the room name after a '+' in each address, like xxxxxxxx+my-room@in.mailroom.hipch.at, but the suffix is completely optional -- we ignore the plus and everything after it, so you can remove or change that part of the address to suit your needs without effecting the delivery of email -- we only require the key portion found at the beginning of the address.

Help, my room's email address leaked and I need to reset it!

Don't worry, you can reset your room's email address by re-installing the add-on in your room.

Note: doing this will delete all previously stored emails!

Argh, an unwanted email was sent to my room, and now I want to delete it!

At this time, you can't delete a single message from Mailroom, but you can delete all of them by reinstalling the add-on. All links to emails in this room will cease to work. If you also need to delete the HipChat message generated by Mailroom, you'll need to do that separately through HipChat's admin web interface.

Note: doing this will also reset your room's email address!

How long does Mailroom store the emails it receives?

Mailroom is currently configured to retain emails for 7 days. This value is subject to change as we evaluate our use cases and capacity to scale. After emails are expired from Mailroom's storage, links in existing notifications will no longer display an email on the mailroom website.

What is Mailroom's rate limit?

Mailroom is currently configured to rate-limit inbound email requests to 10 emails per 10 minute rolling window. This value is subject to change as we evaluate our use cases and capacity to scale.

What is Mailroom's email size limit?

Mailroom is currently configured to limit the size of the raw inbound email data payload to 10 MB, which typically supports a source email size of around 2.5-5 MB, depending on the content of the email. Any emails received exceeding this limit will be silently discarded -- no room notifications will be generated.This value is subject to change as we evaluate our use cases and capacity to scale.

Note: inbound emails exceeding the specified rate limit are silently discarded. While we aim to do our best, Mailroom makes no guarantees that emails sent to it will be stored or that notifications will reach the destination room.

I want to report a bug or request a new feature.

You rock! We'd love to hear from you so that we can make Mailroom better.